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Busted Coverage: Booze, Ladies And Football: “PHOTOS: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Invade Riviera Maya To Shoot Bikini Calendar” plus 9 more

Busted Coverage: Booze, Ladies And Football: “PHOTOS: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Invade Riviera Maya To Shoot Bikini Calendar” plus 9 more

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PHOTOS: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Invade Riviera Maya To Shoot Bikini Calendar

Posted: 09 May 2012 09:56 AM PDT

So it seems that over the last week or so there has been a gang of Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders holed up in some Riviera Maya (Mexico – south of Cancun) resort where they’ve been taking bikini photos for this season’s calendar. Is there a smarter cheerleading team in the history of sports? No. Do you realize the weather in Riviera Maya this time of year? Hot, sunny and your IQ is 36 if you aren’t in a bikini. The best part of this trip? The ladies have unleashed photo galleries.

While the rest of the Internet is worried about some 55-year-old grandma thinking she can make the DCC, we’ll just be over here taking you along for the Mexican vacation.

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Evil Birthday Clown, The Old Josh Hamilton & Stone Cold Fox Sports Deportes [Daily WTF]

Posted: 09 May 2012 09:15 AM PDT

Do you see random sh$% while driving to work and think it needs to be seen by the masses? Does the guy who sits next to you at work look like a tool on a daily basis? Does your dog lick his balls in an odd fashion? Is your neighbor working on some sort of outer space vehicle behind his shed? We want your WTF photos.

Email us.

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Buy Bobby Petrino’s Wrecked Harley Davidson! Current Bid: $2,550!

Posted: 09 May 2012 08:11 AM PDT

This is not a joke. Bobby Petrino’s wrecked Harley is really up for auction right now on some site called It’s the same Harley that Bobby dumped while riding with mistress Jessica Dorrell one Sunday that eventually led to his firing at the University of Arkansas. What do you get in this auction? A piece of road beef memorabilia that is unmatched in the SEC. Just think of the conversation starter this beast is.

It can be yours! Bid accordingly.

Highlights of Petrino’s old Hog:

• 1,000 miles

• Sweet gas tank paint job

• The front-end damage is exactly as it was on that fateful afternoon

[HT: Friends of the Program]

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Padres Fan Pounds Beer With Foul Ball Floating In His Suds [VIDEO]

Posted: 09 May 2012 07:41 AM PDT

What gets Dick Enberg excited during yet another San Diego Padres game? A young guy with a foul ball in his beer who then decides the proper response is to chug said beer. That was exactly what happened last night at Petco or whatever they’re calling the new Jack Murphy these days. Dick sits through inning after inning of boring Padres baseball and suddenly he has something to perk him up.


(*Don’t delay watching this one. MLB goons will have it taken off YouTube by Noon EST)

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23 Most Inappropriate Josh Hamilton 4 HR Twitter Celebration Ideas: Coke, Hookers & Shots!

Posted: 09 May 2012 06:47 AM PDT

By now you’ve heard that Josh Hamilton had one of the best hitting nights in MLB history, going 5-for-5 with 4 dongs, a double, 8 RBI and 18 total bases. Let us check the record books real quick….yeah helluva night. Anyway, of course Twitter exploded with coke, shots and beer jokes. Some bros even threw in a few hooker one-liners.

We were especially smitten with snorting coke off hooker ass jokes. So. Much. Fun!

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Bank Robber Claims He Did It Because Dreams Of Making Millions In NFL Derailed [Cuff 'Em]

Posted: 09 May 2012 06:02 AM PDT

Meet Christopher Lamarque Miller. He might have one of the biggest bullshit cop-out excuses in bank robbery history. You see, Miller played some college football at Missouri State, not exactly a school pumping out NFL talent. But Miller had dreams. The guy is now 27 and still hasn’t gotten over the fact that the NFL never came calling. How upset?

He admittedly went and robbed a bank to get NFL rich. Not kidding.

According to the Pioneer Press:

Christopher Lamarque Miller, a former defensive back at Missouri State University, was arrested at his Inver Grove Heights apartment shortly after robbing Bremer Bank on Cahill Avenue, according to a criminal complaint in Dakota County District Court.

Miller told police he had planned on playing in the NFL until he was injured and that he had been “struggling with the fact that he is not a rich and successful football player,” the criminal complaint reads.

He also apologized to police, calling the robbery a “big mistake,” and told them the money was at his apartment. The cash was recovered.

Miller played football for Missouri State University in 2007 before leaving the team and school midway through the 2008 season, an athletic department spokesman said.

Struggling with the fact that he’s not rich and a successful football player? Bro, hate to break it to you but those dreams died the day you became a five-foot-nothing cornerback at Missouri State. No word on if he decided to finish school and get that psychology degree.

How smart is this homeboy? His Twitter account is still wide open and giving us nuggets such as…

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Roethlisberger Gets His Diploma Roundup & Anja Rubik’s Legs Honored [Daily Dump]

Posted: 09 May 2012 05:12 AM PDT

Evan Turner’s Poor Game 5 Exacerbated By Jersey Chaser Eyeballing The Road Beef [Morning Twitpic]

Posted: 09 May 2012 04:22 AM PDT

First of all, solid offensive performance by the 76ers last night against the Bulls in Game 5. 32% from the field, 70% from the line and 69 points. Evan Turner’s line: 2-of-7, 4 TO & 4 points. It almost seemed like something was bothering him. Poor, poor night for Philly as a whole. The 76ers lose, the Flyers get knocked out of the NHL playoffs & the Phillies lose to the Mets, giving them last place in East. Let’s get rolling!

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Audio: Ozzie Guillen Telling Radio Guy To “Grow Up Motherf*cker”

Posted: 08 May 2012 03:02 PM PDT

So it seems Ozzie Guillen is finished being quiet about the Fidel Castro fiasco and will take out his anger on Houston sports radio hosts. Up first, Paul Gallant. This bro had the balls to ask Ozzie if the firestorm back in Miami had settled down. Pretty straightforward question and seemed innocent enough. A simple, “Yeah, you know, I think things are much better. Now we just need to start winning some baseball games,” would suffice.

Nope, Ozzie went nuts.

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Hottest 2012 Met Gala Pics & Julianne Hough’s Stripper Classes [Afternoon Dump]

Posted: 08 May 2012 02:30 PM PDT


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